Culture, religion or family emblem, it’s all the same. Flowers have been a common icon in many countries throughout history. Their symbolism, colours, and warmth have become the basis of numerous ideologies all over the world, some alive and some dead. The flowers of the UK are no exception.                             Flowers have always played key roles in numerous… Read more
You have purchased the ring, practised the words, and are ready to make the big move. But if you want to make your proposal a little more unique, we recommend you get your girl a bouquet of engagement flowers and see her face light up with joy! You might have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the known universe of romance, a carefully selected bunch of engagement flowers can be the most eloquent expression of your love, asi… Read more
Partners in crime, Besties, Pals, Homies. That last one might be a bit extra, but you know what we're trying to say, right? Your best friends are always there for you, inspiring and standing by you despite all odds.               True friends give you the most honest opinion, are unapologetically themselves and provide some of the best laughs. Many flowers symbolise friendship, so the next time the mood or… Read more
A housewarming party is an amazing way to celebrate the transformation of a new place into a home. It is a joyous occasion for your friends or family because buying a home yourself is an accomplishment. To express to them how proud you are of them and to help them make this new place like home, you owe them a beautiful gift.                            Although it can be very… Read more
Love, affection, and bondage. These are the emotions that every petal of every flower represents. This is why it always comes with the heart. Especially when gifted on one of the most important days of your loved one's life; their birthday.                             So your mind interferes with the tedious questions; what kind of flower is best for a birthday? Not to w… Read more