Have you noticed the leaf veins of your rose are turning yellow but the leaf is still green? You are seeing this because probably pH of the soil is unbalanced which is making the rose leaves change its color to yellow.  You may think of reasons why roses leaves turn yellow, lack of oxygen could be another reason or the plant is perhaps being overwatered. Irrespective of the reasons, wilting of plants is heartbreaking for gardeners. What i… Read more
Are you an anthophile who wants to see enthralling flowers around himself? If yes, this would be an interesting read for you since it guides on how to make fake flowers look good. Fresh flowers are prettier, but caring for them is complex and expensive. Despite taking care of the fresh flowers, they will soon wilt, and you have to buy new ones for your vase.  To avoid this issue altogether, most people use fake flowers for decorating purpo… Read more
 Out of gazillions of species of flowers, it is safe to say that tulips excel them all due to their elegance and beautiful hues. Whether it is a meeting with your loved one or a visit to a hospitalized friend, a bunch of gorgeous tulips is all it takes to make the moment special.                      Like every other living thing on this planet, tulips need proper food and care to… Read more
Are you fond of gardening and a big fan of Tulips? Well, you’ll be delighted to hear about how you can make these beauties last longer. Tulip is an all time favourite for gardeners because it gives a vibrant vibe with its fresh colours. But what about those who don’t have a garden but would love a firsthand experience of flowers blooming?  Hear me out, this is for you! Store-bought flowers die in a few days. So how do you make tulips last… Read more
The natural freshness and radiant aesthetics that flowers bring to your home or event decor help add celebratory colors to your space. Plus, they also help keep your spirits high at all times! As a result of their undeniable vibrancy and cheerful charm, flowers are an essential part of home and event decorating.  You may not have time to care for your plants, but you still want to add a burst of color and freshness to your environment. This… Read more