How to Care for Tulips in a Vase? 5 Florists-Advised Tips!

How to Care for Tulips in a Vase? 5 Florists-Advised Tips!

9th Feb 2024

Tulips are no less than a symbol of true and deep love. Also, they are often synonymous with the spring season, as spring brings this beauty in abundance. But the problem is the delicacy that demands good care to keep them fresh and alive for a longer time. 

Tulips can, for sure, last for a more extended period if treated well with proper attention and dedication. All it takes is a little effort and implementation of a few easy tips to take care of tulips properly.

This article is a perfect guide on how to take care of tulips, especially in a vase. So, don't get dishearted if you are new to keeping tulips. Just read on to unravel the most important tips suggested by expert florists for keeping tulips in a vase, pot, or jar.

Tulips- A Symbol 

Like roses, tulips have a variety of colours, and each colour carries a distinctive significance. Most common are the white tulips that exhibit a memo of devotion and affection. Then, the red tulips symbolise true love, whereas purple indicates royalty.

In short, tulips have a unique diversity of colours. In addition, variegated tulips featuring striking colour patterns are another major cause of tulips' popularity.Which is why, tulips have always been in high demand and in people's hearts, they make an

They have been used from wedding decor to home decor, formal events to romantic dates. If you are the one who is madly in love with tulips, get the perk of this tulip peak season. Bring these beauties to your home but first, take some notes to keep them carefully in a vase. 

Why is it important to take care of tulips in the vase? 

It's just because flowers are fragile, and tulips are probably the most delicate type of flower. Also, they can survive comparatively more days in the vase, pot, or jar if handled carefully. In other words, good care can increase their lifespan in the vase.

Let's quickly learn the florists-advised tips to take good care of tulips. With these tips, you can keep tulips fresh and healthy for the most extended period.

     1. Choose The Right Vase

It may disappoint you, but the truth is that vases are not all about their designs, look, or maybe aesthetics if you put tulips in them. Experts believe that vase plays a pivotal role in keeping tulips fresh and alive for longer. It's because a vase provides freedom to flowers to stay nourished. And tulips are expected to grow two inches more during their vase life.

That's why you must carefully choose a vase for tulips because they need a proper space for stretching out. Therefore, an ideal vase should be at least half the tulips' height. This way, tulips will get support to stretch out.

Also, a vase should be broad, so they won't clump on each other. Otherwise, it may shred petals or crush leaves. Saffron’s Decor has some really elegant designs, do check them out.

     2. Tulips Are Thirsty Blossoms 

Tulips are considered thirsty blooms, which is why they need water for their sustainability in any vase or jar. That's why make sure to keep the water level optimal in the vase.

Typically, it is advised to around two-thirds of water as experts believe this is the perfect amount of water. Also, cold water is recommended that keeps them fresh and alive. 

Next, you can also add flower food into the same amount mentioned earlier of water and make sure to dissolve it perfectly. The flower food will further improve the sustainability of tulips in a vase. 


                       Tulips stems ready to be trimmed

Last but not least is to make sure to change the water in the vase at least once a day. Especially if the vase looks discoloured or imprinted with grey particles, you must wash it before refilling it.

Washing the vase will prevent the production of bacteria in it. Also, it provides benefits to accentuate the longevity of tulips further.

     3. Trim The Tulip Stems At A 45 Degree Angle 

As said earlier, tulips grow around 2 inches during their vase life. So you must be aware of this amazing fact about tulips. The best practice is to trim them at a 45-degree angle.

Ideally speaking, when you bring a bouquet of tulips to your home, first carefully unwrap them. Remove their damaged leaves and put them back on the wrapping paper. Please make sure to put each tulip stem starlight while placing them back after extracting dead leaves.

Once you are done with this, wrap them again to tie tightly. Next, trim around 2cm of tulip stems and put them into deep tepid water. The preferable advice is to keep them soaked overnight.

The overnight soaking in the water will make their stems rigid and rehydrate tulips. After that, the soaked tulips will be ready to place in a vase. Arrange them beautifully in the vase for a dapper look. Avoid overcrowding as it can crush their petals.

     4. Avoid Overexposure To Sunlight 

Tulips are photosensitive, which is why direct sun exposure is not suggested. Its because they grow towards sunlight, and it may affect the straight structure of tulip strands resulting in their slight bending. Therefore, instead of placing your tulip vase in direct sunlight, please keep them in indirect sunlight.

Also, taking good care of tulips also includes placing vases in the right place—neither closer to heaters, radiators, stoves nor exposed to direct sunlight. Expert florists suggest putting them in any corner of your space to avoid sun or heat exposure.

     5. Be Selective When Adding Other Flowers 

If you are the one who loves playing with different combinations of flowers in a vase, then read this tip very carefully. I repeat, read it carefully because many people make this mistake.

Precisely, people overlook the delicacy of tulips. However, they should remember that tulips are comparatively more sensitive than other flowers. That's why arranging the flowers in the vase carefully is recommended. 


                          Orange Tulips in a Clear Vase

Please note that two specific types of flowers - daffodils and narcissus can be dangerous for tulips and let them wilt faster than expected. Therefore, experts suggest avoiding including tulips with daffodils and narcissus in a vase, jar, or bouquet.

However, you can include daffodils with roses, hydrangea or kale without hesitation. These flowers won't hurt the sensitivity of tulips.

Wrapping up

So far, you must get the idea of how delicate tulips are. Especially when we put them in a vase, there are many chances of tulip petals my crush or strands may start bending.

Ultimately, tulips may lose their beauty and majesty if they are not treated well. That's why taking good care of tulips in a vase is imperative. 

Otherwise, expect the drooping of tulips, wilting of its petals, and eventually their lifelessness, which is no less than a mini-heart attack for tulip lovers. But it won't be a problem if you take proper care and follow all the tips mentioned above for placing tulips in the vase.