12 Ideas to Decorate with Artificial Flowers in Winter

12 Ideas to Decorate with Artificial Flowers in Winter

15th Nov 2023

There are many ways to decorate your home for the winter but using fresh flowers can be tricky. That's because they wilt and die quickly in the colder weather.

An alternative is to use faux flowers. These have the advantage of being more consistent with the natural look of winter, and it also help avoid the hassle of keeping fresh flowers alive.

Artificial Flowers in Winter

So today, we're going to show you thirteen ideas as inspiration for decorating with artificial winter flowers. Whether you want to add a dash of winter to your dining table or your TV cabinet, there's sure to be an idea here that works for you!

1. Use Faux Flowers to Decorate Your Mantle

More and more families are using their fireplaces all year round these days and putting out artificial flowers to decorate the mantle is a great idea.

This allows you to enjoy interest and depth without taking care of live flowers. Plus, faux flowers are a winter-proof decoration, and they're guaranteed to look fresh for a long time.

2. Try Artificial Flower Decorations for Your Buffet Table

Buffets are great during the winter because they allow you to eat more formally without being too dressed up. They also allow you to have a wide range of food choices, especially if you have lots of guests coming around.

Buffet Table Decor

So artificial blooms are an ideal way to decorate your buffet. You can go with artificial flower centerpieces or just scatter fake flowers around the edges of your buffet table for a more informal look.

3. Faux Floral Window Box

Window boxes are great for bringing life and colour to your home during the winter months, but they're often filled with fresh plants.

Faux Floral Window Box

This means you need to take care of them, which is tricky in winter. In this way, faux flowers are a great alternative. You can use artificial flower window boxes or artificial winter flower arrangements to make your home look beautiful while also saving yourself time and effort when it comes to taking care of plants!

4. Use Faux Winter Flowers for Your Light Switches

A great way to brighten up your home during the winter is to decorate your light switches with artificial flower wreaths. These are especially popular in January when people are still suffering from cabin fever.

If you've never used artificial winter flowers before, then this is a great place to start! You can effortlessly change them out to fit with the time of year.

5. Flowers in a Glass Vase

This winter floral arrangement is perfect for a side table or console. It's easy to make by filling a glass vase with winter foliage and faux flowers, plus winter berries. You can recreate this look with winter branches, stems, artificial flowers, and winter berries, making the perfect faux arrangement.

Flowers in a Glass Vase

You can also use dried flowers for this. Dried pressed flowers have a delicate wintery charm all their own. They look especially good arranged in a vase, which you can then display on your winter dining table or winter sideboard.

6. A Winter Wreath

A winter wreath is a classic idea for winter decorating, and it also works well with faux flowers. Dried winter flowers are a great choice, but you could also use artificial blossoms or pressed winter flowers.

Winter wreath

7. Make a winter vignette

Artificial winter flowers look great in winter, but you don't want to overload with winter flowers. So, put some away for winter decorations and make a vignette of flowers in winter decor to dress up your windows and shelves.

And to light up the room, use some artificial summer flowers (though sparsely). These can be red roses or lilies - anything that suits you.

8. Artificial Flowers for the Christmas Tree

Another winter decorating idea is to use artificial winter flowers to dress up your Christmas tree. Using faux flowers to decorate your Christmas tree benefits you in two ways.

Flowers for Christmas Tree

One, you can avoid the hassle of picking up fresh winter greenery because artificial flowers will never die. Secondly, artificial winter flowers are cost-effective because artificial flowers can be reused year after year.

9. Pressed Flowers Arranged in a Frame

This idea is perfect for easy decoration, and you can display pressed flowers in bedding. It's easy to create using foliage, berries, or flowers. You can arrange them all together in a perfectly sized frame to pop out from the walls.

10. Windows Displays

Another great idea to take advantage of when decorating your home is to use artificial blossoms in window displays. You can dress up simple window frames or artificial wreaths with different flower designs.

Flowers Windows Decor

Also, since these flowers will not wilt or die, you can use them in your window displays as long as you want without changing them.

11. Make a Bouquet

Faux flowers look exquisite in a bouquet. So, make artificial flower arrangements for your windowsills and sideboards to create a wintery-looking focal point.

They will brighten up your decor without being too much.

Make a Bouquet

12. Add A Palette Of Colours to Your Accessories

Winter decorations don't have to be all white flowers and pale-coloured accessories. You can also use vibrant-colored flowers with to create a brighter decor look.

13. Add a Wintery Touch to Your Books

The winter colour palette is perfect for decorating your bookshelf, too. If these rich, warm colours are what you're looking for, then artificial winter flowers with foliage or pressed winter flowers are a great way to create books that work well with winter decor.

How to Make Flowers for Decoration

Now that we have seen all the different ways you can use flowers for decoration in winters, you might be curious about how to make them.

You can easily buy faux flowers from the market, but you can also press flowers yourself. It might seem difficult at first, but it takes just a few steps before you reach the perfect result. Here are some tips regarding how to press flowers.

How to Press Flowers

First of all, in order to press flowers, you need freshly cut flowers. So, this means that you should probably pick them when they are still full of water. Then it's time for the most important thing: how to press flowers.

How to Press Flowers

Supplies you need:

  • fresh flowers
  • wax paper
  • old book of your choice (something big enough to cover all the pages)

Place wax paper on top of the book's pages and arrange the flowers on it. It's time for a little bit of magic: take another piece of wax paper and put it on top of the flowers, then put another book or something heavy onto them to add some weight.

How long should you press the flowers? We recommend waiting for at least for a day before removing the blooms so that they can be perfectly dried and pressed.

An Easy Alternative

If this all seems a little difficult to you (we understand – sometimes, we just need beauty without the effort), there’s an easy alternative. You just need to invest in faux flower arrangements!

Not only do these products last longer since they’re professionally made, but they also beautify your house quite easily. Saffron’s Decor is a wonderful choice if you want to browse your options, because they have arrangements for both roses and hydrangeas.


There are various ways to use artificial flowers for winter decorating. You can add them to wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, or as accents throughout your home.

They provide a pop of colour and brightness that can help you get through the dreary days of winter. Moreover, if you're feeling creative, you can even make your own floral decoration using fresh flowers that you press yourself!

And if you’re looking for the least effort, you can also check out Saffron’s Decor, which will provide you with the flowers you need to decorate your house.