Flowers for Anniversary by Year

Flowers for Anniversary by Year

2nd Oct 2022

It is indeed well known that wedding anniversaries have particular colors associated to them, such as gold or silver. However, it may come off as a surprise that each wedding anniversary has a particular flower association as well!

These associations not only make buying gifts easier, but also help you in making your partner feel special in the simplest of ways. 

This article therefore, focuses on the flowers for anniversary by years to help you choose the right one each time!

Carnation- 1st Anniversary 

As you near your first anniversary, there is a particular excitement and sense of accomplishment for succeeding in your first year as a married couple. Carnations are the perfect flowers to gift your partner as they symbolize young and passionate love. To celebrate your one year, consider a bouquet of carnations for your loved one to truly express how happy you are to spend an year as a married couple with them.

                             Pink Carnation

Cosmos- 2nd Anniversary 

By your second anniversary, you have come to understand each other and developed comfortable routines. Cosmos portray joy and peace, to depict the understanding you have developed over time. This makes them the perfect flowers to give on your 2nd wedding anniversary. 

                            Blooming Garden Cosmos

Sunflower- 3rd Anniversary 

Sunflowers, with all their vibrancy symbolize loyalty and admiration, which couples have developed by the third year completely. They are strong, just like your strong relationship and cheer you up, just how your partner does! To show your partner how important they are to you, sunflowers are the best flower choice for the third year.


Geranium- 4th Anniversary

Geranium symbolizes two people uniting in mind, body and spirit. They generate happiness and positive vibes, which is incredible for striking the emotions of love in a married couple. Germaniums are gorgeous and exquisite, that will definitely add a special touch as they are the best anniversary flowers. 

                        Purple Geranium

Daisy- 5th Anniversary 

Daises are traditionally used as a 5th anniversary flower for the reason that they represent infinite love and innocence. Although they are considered a simple flower, they are very beautiful and unique. These golden wedding anniversary flowers are the perfect gift for your 5th anniversary. 

                               White Daisy on brown wood

Calla Lily- 6th Anniversary

These splendid flowers can be spotted in many weddings as they portray ever growing love. They are long and eye catching, making them a traditional 6th anniversary gift. Buy your partner a bouquet of some beautiful calla lilies that depict the way you love your soul mate and how your love has evolved over the years. 

                                  Bouquet of Calla Lilly

Freesia-7th Anniversary

Freesias have a very pleasant fragrance and they are available in a variety of colors. The exact meanings are according to the color, however in general, freesias portray loyalty, sweetness and undeniable friendship, which is indeed an absolute must in a satisfied marriage! 

                                  Bouquet of Freesia flowers

Clematis- 8th Anniversary

Clematis is a lovely pink and purple flower that describes the connection of two minds making them one, as by the 8th year, you both have definitely become the same person! Indeed you both display a strong bond that keeps getting strengthened with time, making the two of you unstoppable. Gift your partner this traditional flower to make their day!

                              Purple Clematis Flower

Poppy- 9th Anniversary

Just before hitting a milestone, the ninth year is the perfect time to revitalize all the happy memories that you have experienced together and hope for more to come. The vibrant red petals of poppies remind your partner of hope and the love you two have shared over the years, making them the perfect flower choice.

                                 Person with poppies in hand

Daffodil- 10th Anniversary

A huge milestone has been achieved as the 10th year is reached. Hence, it must be celebrated with utmost zeal and zest! Daffodils are tremendous and glamorous flowers that beautifully represent the first 10 years of your marriage. The yellow hues of the flower radiate the same energy that your love does! If you wish to remind your partner of the wonderful time you have spent and portray your strong and never ending love, daffodils are the go to flowers. 


Rose- 15th Anniversary 

Unequivocally, no flower is as beautiful as a rose. Roses are the perfect way to describe your love and affection for someone. The classic red rose is the best way to tell your partner that despite the good and bad that you have been through; your love has shone through all and will continue to do so. The thorns yet charismatic petals of a rose help you celebrate your 15th anniversary in an exquisite way. To make sure the roses last long just like your relationship, do check 5 Easy Tips For Taking Care Of Roses In A Vase In 2022. 

                              Red Roses

Aster- 20th Anniversary 

Two decades are a long time in which you get to a lot about your partner and yourself. Asters are incredibly unique flowers that depict wisdom and wholehearted love which is an excellent reminder on your 20th anniversary. A bouquet containing asters will be a splendid reminder of your love and appreciation of each other. 

                       Purple petal flower

Iris- 25th Anniversary

By the 25th anniversary, what would be the ideal elements of a relationship? Strength, admiration and courage! This is exactly what irises symbolize making them the perfect flowers to gift on your 25th. They are tall and colorful, representing with perfection your mighty and colorful relationship.

                          person holding purple iris bouquet

Lily- 30th Anniversary

Lilies are scented flowers that are truly glorious. They represent a new life and pride, showcasing how well you have worked together over the years from moving houses to raising children. All the changes are packed with beauty into these tremendous lilies. 

                          Beautiful Pink Lily flower

Gladioli- 40th Anniversary 

After a long tenure of 40 years, you have got to appreciate the amount of passion you two have! Gladioli are bold and eye catching, evoking sentiments of love, strength and passion. To celebrate a glorious milestone, the gladioli will definitely remind your partner how important you are to them and how much passion their presence brings. 

                           Red and Purple Petaled Flowers

Yellow Roses and Violets- 50th Anniversary 

Congratulations. You have reached a half century! This incredible accomplishment has to be celebrated no doubt, and the joy of reaching a 50 is to such an extent, that two flowers are traditionally given to your loved one! Yellow roses and violets- beautiful colors that complement each other, showcase how beautiful the two of you look together and the joy you bring into each other’s lives.

                      Yellow Rose

The Final Word

Indeed, each year spent together is a blessing that brings you closer and ignites your love. One must celebrate each passing year to rekindle lost emotions and keep each other acknowledged of the amazing chemistry you share and these anniversary flowers by year will help you do so! 

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