5 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Roses in a Vase in 2022

5 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Roses in a Vase in 2022

3rd Oct 2022

Fresh roses are beautiful flowers that can brighten up any room. They come in various colours, and each type has its own unique beauty. 

That's why they can be a brilliant accessory for your house! You can make a rose bouquet, flower arrangements, or just place them in vase filled with lukewarm water after you cut the stems, and give them flower food to keep them alive. Even homemade flower food works! 

Still, the question arises:

How Can You Take Care Of Roses In A Vase? 

When you buy roses, how do you care for them? They can be expensive, and it's sad to watch them wilt away so soon. 

                             Take Care Of Roses In A Vase

It is possible to make roses last longer in a vase, but how? In order to keep your fresh roses looking their best, you need to know how to take care of them properly. 

Once you learn how to take care of roses in a vase, your collection will be long-lasting and lovely. Say no to any more wilted flowers! 

That's why we've compiled a few simple ways that will allow your roses to last much longer. Just follow these five easy tips if you want to keep your roses looking fresh for as long as possible. They will help you to properly take care of roses in a vase and ensure that they stay beautiful for the maximum amount of time possible. 

                               roses to last much longer

1. Properly Putting The Flowers In The Vase

When you place your roses, tulips, or other flowers into a vase, make sure that you put them in the right way. The stems of your flowers should be placed in water up to the leaves or the base of the flower itself. 

How To Cut The Stems? 

You should use an angle cut the rose stems and place your fresh roses in a vase. The cut needs to be at a 45-degree angle, which will help it absorb water better. 

Ensure that the cut end is facing down into the vase if you plan to put it in diagonally. If you plan to stand them upright, make sure that the base of the flowers is on the vase's edge, not crooked. If you place the flowers in straight upright with no base, water will not be able to reach the flower, and it will dry out and die. 

                               Putting The Flowers In The Vase

2. Making Sure the Water and Temperature are Right 

When it comes to caring for roses in a vase, the most important thing is how you place the rose stems in the water. When you first put your roses in the vase, make sure to cut an inch or two off of the stems. 


The stem cuttings will make it easy to put them in water because there won't be any air trapping in the stems. This will also allow them to drink plenty of water, which is how you can ensure that your roses stay fresh for as long as possible. 

To keep the roses fresh, the vase needs to be filled with water in which the roses will be immersed. Roses need at least one inch of cool (room temperature) water every day. Make sure that the water does not touch the bottom stem but only touches the outer petals, which can help them stay fresh and beautiful longer. 

                                      Making Sure the Water and Temperature are Right

When it comes to taking care of roses and preventing wilting, another important tip is to make sure you change the water at least once a day, and if they start to wilt, add some fresh water in order to keep them from drooping down. 


Temperature is an important part of how to take care of roses properly. Roses best survive in temperature around 65 degrees F during the day. 

Keep them away from heating vents, cold windows, and drafts. At night, they need to be in a cool place. The temperature needs to be around 50 degrees F during the night in order for roses to stay fresh longer. If they are stored below this temperature, they may not open and will die. 

All these things impact the vase life of roses and other fresh flowers, so you need to keep them in mind when taking care of the plants. 

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3. Making Sure Roses Have Enough Space in the Vase

One of the most important tips that is often overlooked with how to take care of roses in a vase is giving roses enough space. If there isn't enough room for them to breathe, the roses will begin to wilt and die much faster, beginning with the guard petals protecting the bloom. 

So, make sure to use a large vase. If your flowers are constantly drooping down, make sure they have enough space in their container so that they won't be too crowded and crushed together against each other or the sides of the pot. 

Crushed roses will not be able to support their own weight, which is how they're supposed to be supported. Plus, the more room there is between plants, leaves, etc., the less likely they are to get bruised, crushed, or smashed. 

Furthermore, roses of all types should be frequently rotated to ensure even exposure to water and sun. Roses naturally grow towards the sunlight, so rotating them helps their leaves get enough sun. In order to rotate the roses properly, there should be enough room in the vase. 

In this case, using a clear vase will also help you out, since positioning them will be even easier. Check out the vase and rose arrangement options at Saffron's Decor

                                   Making Sure Roses Have Enough Space in the Vase

4. Using a Clean, Odourless Vase 

Some people place their fresh flowers in a vase of dirty water. A Clean vase is important because dirt causes bacterial growth. Bacteria and dirt will shorten how long your flowers can stay in the water. The dirt and bacteria from the water can cause the flowers to wilt faster or even die. It is important to clean a vase before placing your cut flowers in it. 

If you are using a vase that has been used previously, make sure to clean your vase thoroughly with soap and water. You can also use boiling hot water to clean the vase. 

This will kill any bacteria in the vase. If you are not sure how clean the vase is, it is best to buy a new one. When you pick a new vase, look for one that is clean and odorless with a glass or ceramic material. 

In short, before you put your roses in the vase, make sure that it is clean and odorless; otherwise, the flowers will go bad a lot faster. 

                                      Using a Clean, Odourless Vase

5. Adding Additives to the Vase Water

If you want your roses to be fresh for over a week, use additives in the water. 

The best additive you can use is sugar because it helps dissolve easily and prevents bacteria from growing in the vase. You can also use lemon lime soda, as long as it has caffeine because it has the same effect as sugar to make the water clean and pure. But if you are using soda, make sure that it is clear and without sugar. 

Another additive that can keep flowers fresh longer in water is Clorox or bleach. You can use about one teaspoon of bleach per quart of water. Make sure that you do not add too much. Otherwise, the flowers will die. 

If you are unsure about the amount to add to the vase, flower food can also be used. But if you use that fertilizer, make sure that it is water-soluble as this will dissolve easily. 

Using additives like sugar and flower food in the vase water can help keep your flowers lasting longer and looking beautiful. 

                                   Adding Additives to the Vase Water

If you follow these five simple tips on how to take care of roses in a vase, your roses will stay fresh for several days. 

A Possible Alternative 

And if you think you don't have the time or energy to spend on fresh roses, you can always choose artificial flowers instead! They're always in bloom, don't require water to survive, and remain beautiful all year long. You can find amazing faux Rose arrangements at Saffron's Decor

                                  A Possible Alternative


In conclusion, the most important part of caring for roses in a vase is being sure that they have enough water throughout their entire blooming phase. 

Make sure there is plenty of room between flowers so that they get proper air circulation, and finally, be sure not to forget about changing the water every day. With a little care and attention, you can make sure your roses last as long as possible. 

With these tips on how to take care of roses in a vase, your cut flowers can stay beautiful longer!