The Top 6 Best Birthday Flowers For Your Loved Ones

The Top 6 Best Birthday Flowers For Your Loved Ones

29th Sep 2022

Love, affection, and bondage.

These are the emotions that every petal of every flower represents. This is why it always comes with the heart. Especially when gifted on one of the most important days of your loved one's life; their birthday. 

                            Orange flowers with butterfly

So your mind interferes with the tedious questions; what kind of flower is best for a birthday? Not to worry for you don’t have to seek answers any further than our list of the best birthday flowers your heart can accept.

1) Roses 

What better way to start this list than with the symbol of love? Romantic love. If you are aiming to give your girlfriend birthday flowers, then give her a rose. It tells her that you care.

The Greeks associated a Rose with their goddess Aphrodite while the Romans with their goddess Venus. Can you guess the similarity? Both were goddesses of beauty and love.

                          Red and Pink Rose

Even better, a rose’s meaning changes with the colour of its petals. White petals symbolize purity, yellow symbolizes friendship, and pink symbolizes perfect happiness. All in all, pure love.

You can pick any colour and it will be among the best birthday flowers in the eyes of your loved one. Get them a vase with it too. If you think that handling flowers in a vase might prove difficult then do read the 5 tips to take care of them. Perhaps tell your friend those tips too, no? 

2) Marigold 

Whether getting your girlfriend birthday flowers or picking the best birthday flowers for mum, second on the list is the bright gleam of a Marigold. Red, brown, orange, and yellow, you name it. Whatever you choose, you’ll be holding a symbol of passion and strength. 

                          Marigold girlfriend birthday flowers

Not only that, its bright colours make it the perfect flower for any sort of décor if not just for the meaning. Orange for the one who has pushed through difficult times and yellow for that one close friend who has always been there for you. 

Don’t forget red for this colour, unlike a rose, represents love in the form of a wish. A good luck wish. 

3) The White Lilies

What if the birthday fellow is pure? What if they are with a heart of gold?

This is why third on the list of best birthday flowers are the white lilies. Like a white rose, they represent innocence but with it, they also symbolize a new life. Or rather, the beginning of a new life. 

                            White Lilies birthday flowers

There are other colours too but the most common one is white and not just for its meaning. A white lily, when used for décor, is considered simple as well as elegant. Perhaps even romantic. 

In other words, a white lily is very versatile. This is why it’s among the best birthday flowers. Just look at the fact that you can give it to any close friend, colleague, family member, and of course your partner in life on their special day.

4) Irises 

Fair warning. When looking to find birthday flowers for mum, she might consider her child to have turned out quite the patriot. Why? Because an Iris is the National Flower of France. 

Other than this, there is no reason to not add irises to the “best birthday flowers” list. It is among the sophisticated decors for a birthday bouquet but this sophistication is what makes this flower so elegant. 

                            Irises birthday flowers for man

If looking to get your girlfriend birthday flowers, then her heart may melt. The Greeks used to plant irises on the graves of their women, believing that it would attract the goddess Iris who would then guide the departed towards the skies. 

So what colour should you choose? Purple as purple symbolizes both royalty and wisdom. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a wise royal on their special day? 

5) Daisies

So simple, yet so meaningful. 

After all, a daisy does symbolize simplicity alongside purity and tenderness. Other than that, a red daisy represents love or rather, the secret form of love, the colour orange gives out a sense of warmth and of course, there is white.

                            Daises for friends birthday

If you can't choose what kind of flower is best for your friend’s birthday, then simply give them daisies. In a proper bouquet, of course. The simplistic meaning and beautiful colour will give the caressing a birthday deserves.

6) Forget Me Not

Would you ever want to forget the day you came into this world? The day you were blessed with life? 

Then to make sure it doesn’t happen, we added the forget-me-not as among the best birthday flowers. No, it is the best kind of flower for a birthday. What do they symbolize? Loyalty. 

                               Blue meadow plant

This fact also makes the forget-me-not among the best birthday flowers for mum. After all, no one has been and will ever be more loyal to you than your mother. So when her birthday comes, be sure to make her feel extra special.

Among ornamental plants, the forget-me-not is popular for a reason. Not only is it beautiful but also easy to care for. The flowers grow fairly quickly and bloom for quite a long time. Hard conditions or not, the pot remains green.

Even better, the pink, white, and blue petals are very soft to the eyes. Just be mindful of proper drainage.

7) Sunflowers 

Nothing brings more joy to the heart than hearing the birthday songs from those you love. This is why we recommend sunflowers as among the best birthday flowers for this special occasion. 

                            Group of sunflowers

Why? Because the bright colours and huge petals bring about brightness and happiness in the household. The colour yellow is the most common of all but there are others too, notably red, purple, and even cream. 

The fact alone that a sunflower symbolizes positivity makes it a suitable choice for anyone’s birthday. After all, don’t you wish for their happily ever after? 

Final Word

So many choices, and so much variety. Makes anyone feel overwhelmed. If you are still in doubt then our advice is that you ask your heart this: 

"What petal best suits my loved one's soul?"

Even if you feel your answer is the wrong know that any of the flowers above will let the other know how much they matter to you.

And that you shall always be there for them. Even so, if you believe real flowers are tough then you can always buy artificial ones. Saffron’s Decor offers a huge variety! We recommend their faux Rose arrangements as the perfect gift.

Good luck!