How To Make Fake Flowers Look Good - Proven Tips And Tricks

How To Make Fake Flowers Look Good - Proven Tips And Tricks

27th Sep 2022

Are you an anthophile who wants to see enthralling flowers around himself? If yes, this would be an interesting read for you since it guides on how to make fake flowers look good.

Fresh flowers are prettier, but caring for them is complex and expensive. Despite taking care of the fresh flowers, they will soon wilt, and you have to buy new ones for your vase. 

To avoid this issue altogether, most people use fake flowers for decorating purposes, which makes them so trending.

If you are looking for some artificial flower decorations around the office, Saffron's Decor has a very pretty collection that can help you answer the question of how to make fake flowers look good. 

How To Make Fake Flowers Look Good:

There are specific ecstatic and proven ways to make the faux flowers look extraordinary.

Methods To Make Fake Flowers Look Good:

Go for these feeble-minded steps:

  • Search and observe authentic flower images
  • Buy quality flowers
  • Press the leaves
  • Contour the fake flowers carefully
  • Locate the faux blossoms in a decent vase 
  • Trim the stems if needed 
  • Immaculate the artificial flowers periodically

Let's discuss each tip in depth. 

     1. Search and Observe Real Flower Images:

First, you need to see some actual images of the fake flower you want to get because it will help you make it look catchy overall.

When I wanted some faux tulips and roses for my bookshelf, I googled the roses and tulips and observed how they appeared. I looked at their stems, leaves and petals in detail...

As a result I ended up making the purchase since they suited my decor needs and contrasted so well with the bookshelf, which is why they enhanced that corner of the room so well.

     2. Buy Quality Flowers:

No doubt, quality tops all other factors. Once you take good quality fake flowers, they are durable and natural in appearance.    

                                How to make fake flowers look good permanently

Protip: Choose the fake flower that looks fresh, have a thick stem, have petals in position and the leaves are not folded. 

     3. Press The Leaves:

Once you get your hands on the fake flowers, it is the best time to arrange and make them according to the vessel.

                                 How To Make Fake Flowers Look Good Methods

Sometimes leaves may have weird foldings, but here's a quick fix, you can iron or press them. As a result, they will flatten, and foldings in the fronds will vanish. Super convenient!

     4. Contour The Flowers Carefully: 

Although the fake flowers you bought are already appropriately arranged, sometimes the petals may be misplaced. If you shape the fake flowers by positioning the displaced petals, they will give a natural vibe. 

     5. Trim And Bend The Stems:

Generally, if you observe a bunch of natural flowers in the vase, they are slightly bent. It is because they are soft. So to give an intrinsic look to your fake flowers, don't forget to bend their stems.

If the stems are not according to cylinder size, it is better to cut them down. Trimming the stems and bending them will undoubtedly give faux flowers a natural feel. 

     6. Locate The Blossoms In A Decent Vase:

There is a wide variety of flower holders available in the market. Select the one that meets your room vibe the best! Also it should be appropriate for the particular location where you want to place it.

                                Ways to show how to make fake flowers look beautiful

Imagine the look before executing it. Look if the fake flowers that you want, faux hydrangea for instance, would look attractive in that container or not. Make sure it's a suitable indoor plant!

If you are looking for a duo, cylinder and faux flower arrangements, you can check out Saffron's Decor, they have a nice collection.

     7. Immaculate The Flowers Periodically:

I felt delighted when I placed the faux flowers in different sites of my home because they gave a very pleasant and natural vibe. Wonder how I was able to pull it off? The secret behind this is that I observed all the points mentioned above. 

These seven magical tips mentioned above are the best on how to make fake flowers look good.

Hacks To Make Faux Flowers More Natural

Here are some startling tricks to make your faux flowers appear exceptionally real.

  • Place fake blooms in an attractive vessel
  • House faux blossoms at the appropriate site 
  • Couple them with the real flowers if possible 
  • Treat them as if they are vetted 

     1. Place Fake Blooms In An Attractive Vessel:

The primary way to make our fake flowers look good is to house them in alluring pottery. The flower holders come in different sizes and shapes.

You can check the fake flowers and porcelain arrangements at Saffron's Decor. They provide the practical options and help you make a decent decorative look for your house.

                                 how to make fake flowers look good tricks

If the fake flower stems have metal ends, it will be better to cut the metal ends. But if you cannot, applying a layer of nail paint over the ends is advised to protect the vase from corrosion.

     2. Put Faux Blossoms At The Appropriate Site:

Don't hide the fake flowers behind the furniture or in the lowest portion of the cabinet. Because they are key enhancing decor elements making the impression of the room. Treat your artificial flowers as if they are real and place them in the best possible place.

Some of the best places include the balcony, laundry, kitchen counter, outdoors or anywhere else. You can keep them on the counter, shelves or even mantel. Give the best possible place to the tailflower, and they will show the magic.

     3. Pair Them With Real Flowers If Possible: 

Combining the real and fake flowers in a container makes them look superior. Because the real flowers have a unique fragrance, the artificial flowers have great aesthetics, when combined together they bring out a very fresh floral vibe.

They seemed naturalistic when I placed a few hydrangea florets in the faux hydrangea flowers. I gave it a try and intensified my balcony, I thank myself for trying it.

     4. Add Water In The Vase:

If placing the faux flowers in the glass vessel, it is best to put some water in it. Adding water to the flower holder will give a more realistic feel to the fake flowers. 

     5. Treat Them As If They Are Real:

When you pluck flowers from the garden, you take them carefully to the house and display them in the water-filled vessel. Why? Because you care about their existence and appearance.

                                Hacks on how to make fake flowers look good

Similarly, keeping the fake florets safe and clean would be best because they elevate the scene and bring a smile to your face. 

Remember, when you take care of something, they give you long-lasting results. This is true for fake flowers as well.

Last Words

The article outlines some of the best tricks to make faux flowers look natural. If you do these tricks, your artificial flowers will look prettier than the actual flowers. 

Following simple hacks such as putting water in the faux flower vessel gives a naturalistic appearance. Furthermore, place them within the same fake flower vase if you have real flowers. 

Also, if the leaves are folded, press them so you can flatten them. Place the fake flowers in an eyeful central place so they can be easily seen. 

With these quick tips and tricks on how to make fake flowers look good, all the faux flowers in your home can look natural and genuine.