Brighten Up Mother’s Day With Flowers

Brighten Up Mother’s Day With Flowers

21st Feb 2024

Are you excited for yet another occasion to shower the mothers in your life with lovable gifts? Are you considering Flower gifts for mothers this time around?

With Mothering Sunday just weeks away, the Mother’s Day preparations are on the rise. Mark your calendars for 27th March as the date has been set for the motherly day celebrations to take place in the UK this year. So prepare to be bombarded with Mother's Day Flower Gifts UK.

Are you looking for ideas and tips to plan the perfect day for your mother? Or the mother of your kids? This article will lay out amazing ideas to honour mothers with Mother’s Day flowers for the unconditional love and care they have been imparting over these years.

Mothers are selfless beings who love anything and everything you give them; they are adorable. But why not go the extra mile to give them something extraordinary and classy? They sure walked those extra steps to provide the best of things for us.

Below mentioned are some of the best Mother's Day flower gifts UK ideas for the mothers in your life. Pick one and surprise your mother with a lovely bouquet and make their day memorable.

Best Mother’s Day Flower Gifts

There is no special day to appreciate the love of a mother, but there is one Mother's Day to pay tribute to these pretty ladies in our lives who have lovingly and tirelessly invested so much of themselves and their time in us and continue to do so.

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate mothers and all they do for their families. Flowers are a popular gift for mothers' day, and there are many different types of flowers to choose from.

Since it will be spring season in the UK this year, gifting tulips would be amongst our top suggestions under the Mother’s Day Flower Gifts ideas.

If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day flower gift, consider sending her a bouquet made up of her favourite flowers. You can also order flowers online and have them delivered directly to your mother’s house.

1. Mother’s Day Tulip Flower Bouquet

A tulip flower bouquet tops the Mother’s Day Flower Gifts list. The sight of flowers is eye candy for many. They spread love and fragrance with a very refreshing vibe to it.

Saffron’s Decor has these amazing artificial mini tulip arrangements you can choose from. Why artificial, you ask? Because they last a lifetime! These mini tulips faux floral arrangements are equally realistic as they are meticulously crafted with real touch tulips.

The pretty minis are available in different colours, which you can choose as per your liking or home Decor colour scheme, but the purple and pink ones are trending and Saffron’s hot-selling.

While you are at it, they also have classic tulips arrangements that come in a medium-sized vase. So you would have ample options to choose from.

2. Designers Choice Hydrangea Bowl

The Mother’s day flowers bouquet is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for all she does. After tulips, hydrangeas trend next this spring season.

Created with real touch hydrangea, eucalyptus, and fern, this flower arrangement is decorated elegantly in a glass vase with faux water, giving it a real-like look, the kind you would find at a flower shop.

These come in different colours, so you can choose the one that makes her personality shine through! You can have these Mother’s day flowers on your doorstep if you order before time for the Mother’s Day weekend and surprise your mother with a special delivery.

3. Roses in Square Vase

This is the perfect way to show your mum how much she means in your life. With beautiful Mother’s day flowers UK arrangements, you will both feel rejuvenated and excited about starting another day!

The Real Touch Roses in Square Vase are sheer elegance. With faux water at the bottom of the arrangement makes them realistic, and the square vase adds sophistication to the decor. Check out Saffron’s Decor website for more Mother’s Day Flower Gifts options.

A Little About Tulip Colours

Many types of flowers can be used for Mother's Day gifts, but the tulip is one special flower.

There's no right answer when deciding on which colour to choose; each colour sends its unique message about what you want for your mom or other women in your life, your wife, for instance. Here are some examples:

  • Yellow means joy and merriment, so go ahead and send her something bright like beautiful yellow blossoms.
  • Pink, if fun matters, speaks volumes about how much we love our mothers without having too deeply personal thoughts behind every single bouquet arrangement.
  • Red for your wife, mother of your children, speaks about passion, love, and intimacy.

Mother’s Day Gifts Other Than Flowers, Chocolates!

1. Cadbury’s Chocolate Bouquet

Give your mom a thoughtful and delicious Mother’s Day gift that is also good for her heart - the perfect way to show how much you care.

Make a chocolate bouquet including two milk chocolates, one white & dark brownie bar (preferably made with organic ingredients), as well an assortment of other treats like mint cakes or raspberry truffles in addition to Cadbury's famous Creme Egg!

2. Happy Mother’s Day Candle & Chocolate Truffles

This Happy Mother's Day Candle & Chocolate Truffles Hamper is the perfect gift for your adorable mother. There is no match for yummy truffles that are handmade under proper hygienic conditions and contain Happy Mother’s Day cards where you can put a short message on each one!

The jar will forever be an awesome memory of celebrations, delicious chocolates from kids to mom or from you to the mother of your kids! Every mother deserves some extra treatment.

Don’t Forget The Mother Of Your Children!

Many people tend to forget about their wives on Mother’s Day. So while you are looking for Flower gifts for mothers, don't forget the mother of your children; honoring her is as important as your mother.

Tulips make amazing Mother’s Day Flower Gifts, especially if they are new and young moms because tulips represent youth, vitality, and growth, basically all the reasons for celebrating Mother's Day.


Flowers know how to make a mother feel special. So make sure you pick the right ones for those dedicated mothers in your life. Saffron's Decor offers a very distinctive range of artificial flowers that can be the perfect flower gifts for mothers around us.

Their flower collection has a very realistic vibe that lasts a lifetime. And they make pretty elegant Decor elements in the house. They offer a wide variety of flowers and gifts to match any personality or occasion!

So if you have been looking for flower gift ideas this year, this article is all about providing you with lovable options to choose from for mothers in your life. Pick one and surprise her with a nice vibrant gesture.